One Time Cleaning

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Prices stated below are before discounted.

No problem whatever type of domestic cleaning service you require, Greenland house cleaning service provider can customize to fulfill client needs. We know exactly that our clients have high standard of cleaning requirements and our part time cleaners work accordingly to suit individual needs. Clients may have peace in mind as our professional cleaners always work their best to achieve the best cleaning standard. 
House cleaning prices at Greenland are very competitive and the cleaning quality we provide is high standard. Clients always find that our prices are reasonably low after comparing with other house cleaning service company. We always get good feedback and review from our clients once they are experienced with our house cleaning service.

One-Time House Cleaning Services Rates

House Area and Time

One Cleaner house cleaning service

Less than 600sqft, 3 to 4 hrs


One Cleaner house cleaning service

601 to 700sq.ft, 4 to 5 hrs


Two Cleaners house cleaning service

801 to 1000sq.ft, 3 to 4 hrs


Two Cleaners house cleaning service

1001 to 1300sq.ft, 4 to 5 hrs


Two Cleaners house cleaning service

1301 to 1600sq.ft, 5 to 6 hrs


Three Cleaners house cleaning service

1601 to 2000sq.ft, 4 hrs


Three Cleaners house cleaning service

2001 to 2500sq.ft, 5 hrs


House cleaning service rates stated on this website are estimation only as some of the house cleaning time is longer than we expected.

For example: moving in / out cleaning & post renovation cleaning. See the explanation below;

Moving in / out cleaning:

You will need this type of one time house cleaning service if you rent out your flat to someone else.
Your flat needs to be cleaned after old tenant moved out and before new tenant move in. Cleaning time will take longer than standard cleaning time, as the flat is usually very dirty after tenant moved out. Especially it’s at kitchen and toilets area.
Some client takes moving out cleaning service to handover the flat to landlord.

Post renovation cleaning:

The flat is very dusty after renovation done even though contractor has cleaned.
You will need our one time house cleaning service to clean very thoroughly as renovating contractor wouldn’t clean your flat deeply. House cleaning time will take longer than standard cleaning time too.

One Time House Cleaning Job Scopes

  • Cleaning / Dusting furniture
  • Cleaning all floors
  • Cleaning kitchen, basin, counter-top
  • Cleaning / dusting external surface of kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning all bath rooms & toilets
  • Cleaning all bed rooms
  • Cleaning / dusting external surface of all cabinets, interior too (if empty)
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End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Professional end of lease / tenancy cleaning is absolutely essential for the tenant to get rental deposit back from the landlord. Landlord will hire a professional house cleaning service company to do the job and deduct the fees from the deposit if tenant never did a proper cleaning. Cleaning service fees will not be low, as landlord will get best cleaning service to do the job.

So, tenant should get a few quotations and compare the prices and house cleaning tasks that fit to the requirement.

We provide quality cleaning service for end of tenancy cleaning with reasonable rates. We have a group of cleaners who are dedicated to end of tenancy cleaning / handover cleaning and they are doing this type of cleaning everyday. They are fast and efficient.

Do not hesitate, pick up the phone and call us right now to get free quotation for your house cleaning.

Get a professional house cleaning service to handover the house back
in its original cleanliness condition.
one time house cleaning services - tools

We can provide cleaning equipment and detergents with additional charge $130 which include two ways transportation fee.

cleaning extension $20/hr

There is S$30/hr for each cleaner for every hour extension. And S$10 to $30 additional charges for cleaning session on weekends depending on the package you take.

deposit is required for cleaning

Client needs to make deposit by ATM or ibanking if want to book for the cleaning time.