** Trouble-Free part time house cleaning service in Singapore. **

Here is some advantages of getting our part time cleaner / maid service.

  • Professionally trained.
  • All of our part time cleaners have “can do” attitude.
  • Experienced and hard working.
  • Most of our part time helpers are available on weekend and even on public holidays. (Surcharged will be applied)
  • Cleaning service can be arranged on same day or next day. (Subjected to cleaner availability)

Free time on Weekend is very valuable due to our busy life style nowadays.

It’s a smart way to engage professional part time cleaning service and get a part time maid to do the house chores in order to spend precious free times with your family or friends. If you don’t want to go out and spend your time, you can rest whole day at home by sleeping, eating and watching video while our part time cleaner is doing all the housekeeping tasks. Be it vacuuming the floor and mopping it, cleaning bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, changing of bed sheets, ironing, laundry and etc., our part time maid Singapore will do the excellent jobs in the way you want it.

You just need to give some instruction if you have any preference in cleaning and ironing. Our part time maid Singapore will strictly follow the instruction and clean your home.

A few hours later after our part time cleaner doing the job, your house will be nicely smell and freshly cleaned.

We have a customized list of house cleaning option to fit into your cleaning requirements. There is a list below for you to choose part time cleaning service in Singapore. We have a team of part time cleaners who are dedicated to those types of house cleaning and they will bring the excellent results.

Part Time Maid
How to contact us to make an enquiry or get a quotation?

  • WhatsApp/ Call/ text at 8200 2845